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Land Exchange: 28 hectares available for rent

COAPE – Farmers Agricultural Cooperative of Mangualde, in partnership with the Municipality of Mangualde, is promoting the Land Exchange that facilitates access to land to promote the use of abandoned and unused land. For new rural entrepreneurs, for those who intend to expand their business in agriculture, forestry or farming, the Land Grant is an […]

More than 190 milk producers admitted in the Vale Pastor + initiative

The initiative aims to respond to the loss of impact and interest that the activity of milk production for the manufacture of cheese with PDO has been suffering in recent times. Vale Pastor + is another innovative initiative included in the project “Program for the Enhancement of Cheese Production in the Central Region”, aimed at […]

More than two million euros for Valorization of Cheeses from the Center Region

Within the scope of this project, a set of incentives were created to enhance the value of the shepherds themselves, with the creation of the shepherds’ school and the cheesemakers’ school, to enhance the art and ingenuity associated with cheese production”, announced Inovcluster’s president, Cláudia Domingues Soares. The head of this organization was speaking at […]