With a strong expression in the central inland region, Serra da Estrela cheese PDO, Beira Baixa cheese PDO and Rabaçal cheese PDO, are evidenced as the main endogenous products of the territory, as well as those that have the greatest potential for growth and boosting other activities. It is in this context that the Program for the Valorization of Cheese Production in the Center Region was created.

The project involves a partnership consortium composed of 14 regional and local entities such as: intermunicipal communities, associations linked to the sector, higher education and R&DT institutions and other institutions with a relevant role in the economic valorization of cheeses with PDO of the Central Region and has InovCluster – Agro-Industrial Association of the Central Region – as the leading entity,

Through a broad, concerted and integrated strategy at regional level, the project includes innovative actions aimed at all actors in the industry, from the milk producer to the final consumer, in order to support and help minimize the bottlenecks that have been felt in this value chain.

The implementation of this strategy aims to contribute to the strengthening and enhancement of the sector, encouraging and leveraging market demand for cheeses with PDO of the Central Region as differentiated quality products recognized.